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What My Career Is Like in UX Design feat. Ashima Sood

Explore a career in UX Design through our Real-World Discovery session with our industry expert Ashima Sood, who is the founder of The UX Guys and has designed products for the likes of Walmart, Starbucks, and T-Mobile USA. She is also the co-host of the UX podcast Undesign. 

Learn all about aligning user expectations with business goals, hitting business targets, and leveraging storytelling in UX design.

Session highlights:

  • 0:04: About Real-World Discovery 
  • 0:57: About our expert Ashima Sood
  • 3:28: What is UX
  • 5:21: Our expert’s career journey 
  • 9:11: Key qualities in the UX industry
  • 11:24: Why user experience is important in design 
  • 13:55: How to ensure user needs are met 
  • 19:03: How to balance between user-centered design and business goals 
  • 23:31: Why innovation and technology are important 
  • 28:02: Opportunities in UX 
  • 29:46: What role AI plays in the industry 
  • 32:54: Real-world case study about the impact of UX design solutions 
  • 37:05: How to design for different platforms
  • 40:33: How to measure the success of a UX design project
  • 42:11: What mistakes to avoid in UX design
  • 43:26: Why storytelling is crucial in UX design
  • 45:12: Advice for aspiring UX designers 

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