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What My Career Is Like as an Organic Chemist feat. Andrea Leoncini

Explore a career in organic chemistry through our Real-World Discovery session with Andrea Leoncini, who has a PhD in organic chemistry and is working in research and development in the semiconductor industry. 

Our expert will share what it’s really like to work in this field, what core competencies you need to develop, and more advice for aspiring organic chemists.  

Session highlights: 

  • 0:05: About Real-World Discovery 
  • 0:46: About our expert Andrea Leoncini
  • 5:15: Typical day in the life of an organic chemist
  • 8:17: Behind the scenes of daily experiments 
  • 11:17: Dealing with challenges in the industry 
  • 14:03: Collaborating with different people 
  • 15:14: Real-world problem solving
  • 17:06: Lab safety procedures 
  • 18:46: From ideation to problem solving 
  • 22:50: The importance of innovation and creativity 
  • 24:15: Key skills to thrive in this industry 
  • 27:46: Advice for young people who want to be organic chemists 

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