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What My Career Is Like as a Sales Expert feat. Rena Sanilia

Explore a career in sales through our Real-World Discovery session with Rena Sanilia, a networking and coaching enthusiast with seven years of business experience, connecting with over 2,000 clients worldwide. Our expert manages B2B relationships with diverse industries and provides coaching for young people to unlock their potential. 

Our expert will teach you the ABCs of career development, the importance of core competencies in any industry, and how you can find your own place in the future of work.

Session highlights: 

  • 0:04: About Real-World Discovery 
  • 0:48: About our expert Rena Sanilia
  • 7:24: Key qualities for people who want to go into sales
  • 9:01: Important factors in career development for young people 
  • 11:39: Why networking matters 
  • 15:10: How to deal with imposter syndrome
  • 19:08: Why continuous upskilling is important 
  • 21:59: How to leverage technology to boost your career prospects 
  • 26:48: Why mentorship matters
  • 28:50: Why work ethic and commitment to excellence are important
  • 31:44: How flexibility and resilience will take your career to the next level 
  • 35:13: How our expert sees the future of work 
  • 38:23: Advice for young people who are figuring out what career to pursue

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