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What My Career Is Like as an Entrepreneur feat. Aldyan Natanael

Explore a career in entrepreneurship through our Real-World Discovery session with Aldyan Natanael, who has successfully launched a venture capital-funded company and is experienced in diverse business domains. His expertise includes stakeholder communication, strategic finance planning, and technology-driven solutions. 

Our expert will teach you how to kickstart your own business from a financial perspective. Learn how to create a financial plan, build relationships with investors, manage cash flow, and eventually scale up your business. 

Session highlights: 

  • 0:25: About Real-World Discovery 
  • 0:50: About our expert Aldyan Natanael
  • 3:32: How his art background is essential to his business career 
  • 6:38: Key qualities for people who want to become entrepreneurs 
  • 9:41: Key considerations when starting a small business 
  • 13:18: How to avoid common financial rookie mistakes
  • 15:19: Key elements in a financial plan 
  • 16:42: How he overcame financial challenges as a beginner 
  • 18:01: Strategies for managing cash flow 
  • 20:31: How to start a business without a large capital  
  • 25:52: How to build relationships with investors and financial institutions 
  • 28:28: Creating your own team vs. outsourcing tasks 
  • 31:10: Why teamwork and empathy are important 
  • 33:54: What it’s really like to be your own boss
  • 37:01: How to handle constructive criticism 
  • 41:48: Advice for students who want to become entrepreneurs 

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