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What My Career Is Like as a Product Manager feat. Deassy Rizky Syahputri

Explore a career in product management through our Real-World Discovery session with our industry expert Deassy Rizky Syahputri, a tech startup practitioner with 7+ years of cross-functional experience in operations, business analysis, and product management. Our expert is committed to supporting underserved communities like farmers and traditional MSME owners, and is also a certified professional coach.

Learn all about the essentials of product building, tips on how to navigate professional relationships, and the key qualities that employers look for in product managers. 

Session highlights:

  • 0:00: About Real-World Discovery
  • 1:00: About our expert Deassy Rizky Syahputri
  • 11:18: Key qualities for aspiring product managers or CEOs 
  • 20:50: Essentials of product building 
  • 24:20: How to manage a cross-functional team in high-stress situations 
  • 28:59: Why an openness and growth mindset matters 
  • 32:44: How to navigate professional conflict
  • 38:18: Key skills that employers look for in product managers 
  • 42:35: Advice for aspiring product managers 

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