About Us


To reengineer the future of education where individuals are empowered to identify their talents and achieve their highest potential.

We have a network of industry professionals, students, schools, and parents, to foster an ecosystem of learning that bridges the classroom and the real world.



We empower students to take ownership of their future through skills training in real world contexts. We blend education and industry

  • By bringing real world problems from industry partners into the classroom and
  • By training and placing students in professional settings

Our experiential learning offerings include:

  • [Real World Learning] Workshop series with industry experts to train students with essential skills
  • [Career Exploration and Future Fair] Lecture series and panel discussions to encourage students to reimagine their future
  • [Experiential Learning] One week programs of hands-on learning with industry partners, including Cartoon Network and Lee Kum Kee
  • [Summer Internships] Direct internship placements for high school students, with skills training pre-placement and support throughout the placement
  • [Personalized Coaching] Identification of individual talents and needs to leverage their strengths for a well-fit career path
  • [OWN Expert Network] Online platform to connect teachers with industry experts to complement classroom content.


We partner with industry leaders and schools to provide quality learning experiences in real world situations. Our community of educators, professionals, companies, and schools believe in curating experiential learning in professional settings to give students an edge in their university applications and a headstart in their career. Through mentorship and trainings, we ensure that students become the talent that companies are looking for.


We strive to instill three core values in our students by partnering with industry leaders in our programs.

  • Entrepreneurship to identify problems, take initiative, leverage strengths
  • Creativity to anticipate, adapt, and design
  • Innovation to find opportunities, build, create


Based on our research with employers, all our programs are designed to prepare students to tackle the challenges of the future.

We train students within our skills framework (below) that is adapted from the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2018.

  • Communication and Branding: To be adaptive in language, delivery, and context. To understand and express your own purpose, skillset, and angle in different contexts.
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence: To be conscious of the needs, motivations of others and yourself. To effectively navigate relationship dynamics to reach objectives.
  • Big Picture Visualization and Reverse Engineering: To recognize the connectedness of every node in a network. To see the consequences of actions and relationships within a network. To see the network behind every individual instance and therefore be able to holistically create with purpose.
  • Problem Identification: To understand context in order to ask the “right” questions. To take initiative to identify potential issues before the need arises.
  • Solution Creation and Resourcefulness: To be resourceful in creating solutions. To leverage social relationships and operational skills to optimize solutions.