Future success is more than just academic excellence. OWN Academy champions the ideology that the most powerful educational experiences come from cultivating an open mind, developing well-rounded individuals, building awareness of the world we live in and understanding that excellence comes in all forms of shapes and sizes.

While the real-world can appear intimidating, OWN Academy’s training programs and access to over 200 mentors and work placement opportunities will prepare your child to face and overcome any obstacle that it might throw at them.

From internship boot camps to 1-on-1 mentorship programs with actual professionals in a wide variety of industries, OWN Academy is the premier one-stop shop for all children to discover and unlock the inner genius within themselves.

Each child is different and our goal is to understand your child’s unique talents and passions in order to deliver a customized approach to real-world education. With OWN Academy, your child will be able to explore unique opportunities and constantly develop new goals they can strive to achieve.