OWN Academy is no ordinary education company; we are students’ life partners and our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional education and the real world. We focus on intentional learning, by helping students identify their passions and give them the tools and opportunities to master it.

With a strong network of diverse professionals and modern industries, we provide exclusive access to experiences, mentorships and internships that complement students’ career life planning.

OWN Academy is committed to unlocking students’ passion and full potential with the areas of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Designing powerful learning environments through experiential learning, hands-on and project-based approach is at the core to develop lifelong learners who can recognize the world as their classroom and identify the multitude of opportunities surrounding us all.






OWN is about celebrating the superheroes inside each of us. Instilling a culture of diversity, individuality, and curiosity, OWN Academy believes in the discovery of “how” we are smart. Nature and nurture both play important roles in personal development. But we believe that the most important catalyst to realizing potential originates from the individual, from an independent understanding of the context of our unique talent. Once we understand where our interests and talents lie, drive and passion will follow.



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OWN Academy is a community with no age, race or socioeconomic boundaries. If you are looking for an OWN Coach, interested in becoming an OWN Scholar, or you just want to say “Hi”, drop us a line!