Next Talent Incubator Program

How to Stand Out in the Next Talent Incubator Applications

As sign-ups for our Next Talent Incubator Program re-open, we thought we’d talk a bit about how we go about choosing the select few who’ll have the rare privilege of kick-starting their dream projects with a mentor and attending professional workshops with Soho House Hong Kong and Soho House Mumbai.

It’s a lengthy process as we take the time to go through each application carefully before we shortlist and ultimately choose the mentees and match them to a mentor. To help increase your chances of getting accepted, we reached out to some of our past mentees as well as Elisa Mak, Programs Associate at OWN Academy, for tips on how you can get a coveted slot in the program. Read on to find out what they had to say.

Next Talent Incubator

You must possess the right attitude.

Our past mentees might have come from different backgrounds, but there’s one thing that they all have in common, and that’s the right mindset. According to Elisa, all of them are very passionate about their respective projects and are open to feedback. Incoming applicants will do well to show both in their application and the interview.

It also helps to be as forthcoming as possible with what you want to achieve with your time with the program, says Elisa. This doesn’t just allow us to get to know you better, but also shows us that you have some idea of what you want to achieve with the program.

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You must have a project in mind.

Your project doesn’t have to be fully formed—it can be just a germ of an idea—as long as it’s something that you really want to pursue. “It can be as small as just creating something to reflect their mental state to as large as an event,” says Elisa, adding that the potential for personal growth is also a key factor in how the mentees are chosen.

Ashely Kim, one of our past mentees who has just graduated university and started a full-time marketing job, offers this advice: “It’s okay if you don’t have a detailed project in mind from the beginning, but be honest about your passions and chase this moment to do something that you have always wanted but never had the chance to do.”

Next Talent Incubator Program - Ashely Kim

You must show commitment.

The Next Talent Incubator for both Soho House Hong Kong and Soho House Mumbai will last for 12 weeks. While it’s not a full-time program, there are regular workshops and check-ins with the mentor, and mentees are expected to have completed their projects at the end of the program. There will be challenges, of course—anything worth doing has its fair share of birthing pains—which is why we’re looking for candidates who are determined to persevere. “They all must commit to what they sign up for,” Elisa adds.

Don’t worry. You won’t be alone in your journey. During this time, everyone, from your mentor to the people at Soho House, will be dedicated to helping nurture your skills and bring your dream project to life.

You must be true to yourself. 

It’s not about having the biggest personality or the most impressive resume. What’s more important is for us to be able to see who you really are. “Be sincere about joining, committing, and working on [your] own goals,” says Elisa. it from one of our past mentees, Joanne Yiu, who isn’t just a marketing executive, but is also developing a wellness platform called “Just be yourself,” she says. “You don’t have to show that you’re perfect and you’re good at a lot of things. Also recognize areas of weaknesses and things you would like to work and improve on.” At the end of the day, the Next Talent Incubator is a program that is designed to help you succeed—not anybody else.

Applications for the Next Talent Incubator with Soho House Hong Kong and Soho House Mumbai are until July 15. Learn more about it here!