When a Hong Kong men’s clothing brand gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work with one of the world’s most popular sports teams, the nature of the collaboration and the decision on which deal to take pose a crucial challenge. 



DETERMINANT is a Hong Kong-based men’s clothing online shop built on three key pillars: exceptional quality, functional technology, and modern style. Exceptional quality runs through every aspect of the business, from design and material selection to production and distribution. Powered by functional technology, they create wrinkle-free, anti-bacterial, fast-drying, and highly breathable products. Their range of clothing is stylishly designed for the modern man to go from casual to formal, with 61 dress shirt sizes to fit every Asian body.

Driven by a genuine desire to change the game for their customers, employees, and communities, DETERMINANT enables customers, a.k.a. the Gamechangers, to look and feel good so they can focus on their goals—however they may define success. Within the company, DETERMINANT nurtures a culture of growth, diversity, and accountability. They uphold the value of sustainability every step of the way, from product development to marketing. They’re committed to making a difference, amplifying stories that inspire social change, and empowering extended communities.


The Context

As DETERMINANT gears up for an exciting collaboration with professional football club FC Barcelona, OWN’s Learn With host Charlie Stewart looks into why these partnerships are necessary in the first place and what value they bring to the table.

Definition of Terms

Equip yourself to solve the problem by speaking the industry language better. Scroll through to learn what these terms mean.

Brand partnership
An agreement between two businesses strategically designed to add value to both parties and help both companies achieve their business objectives, growing their brands by leveraging each other’s audiences
Licensing deal
An arrangement where the property owner (the licensor) gives permission to another party (the licensee) to use their brand and intellectual property (see next slide)
Intellectual property
IPs are intangible or non-physical assets owned by a company, which can’t be used or implemented by third parties without the company’s consent. These include patents (inventions, processes, and the like), trademarks (logos, slogans, and the like), and copyrights (original works)
B2B refers to transactions between two businesses, in contrast to B2C or business-to-consumer
Return on investment
ROI measures the profitability of an investment after accounting for its cost
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The Problem

Should DETERMINANT go for a brand partnership deal or a licensing deal? Which route will allow them to meet their business objectives while making the most out of the opportunity to work with FC Barcelona? Dive into the challenge when you press play.

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