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Employers have observed a gap between what young people learn in school and the skills
needed to thrive in the real world. OWN Academy bridges that gap. Give your kids a competitive edge, unlock their potential and set them up for success when you sign up for our programs

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Learn and connect with young leaders around the globe

  • Join a campus that defies borders.
  • Find solutions to real world problems.
  • Learn about yourself, your strengths and your passion.
  • Embrace entrepreneurs & professionals as your teachers.
  • Collaborate & network with like-minded folks around the world.


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Access a limitless library of entrepreneurial wisdom

Along with the membership, gain unlimited content on professional and entrepreneurial wisdom by select-few business icons and pathbreaking companies around the APAC.

Build relationships with young changemakers around the APAC

Share cultural differences and similarities, collaborate on projects and make friends for life with millions of like-minded yet diverse groups of young individuals. 

Discover internship & mentorship opportunities

Gain the advantage to apply for internship, mentorship and other such programs with Fortune 1000 companies.

Enter live events & fireside chats

Hear from and get inspired by world-class speakers, business leaders and changemakers.

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Become an ambassador and make a real impact in your community!

If you are a leader in your community and wish to drive change, apply to be an OWN Ambassador. OWN Ambassadorship is designed for grooming the change-driver of today that actively take the ownership & responsibility of making a difference in their immediate surroundings by honing their entrepreneurial skills and mindset.

OWN Ambassadors receive training and opportunities directly from the OWN Academy Asia-Pacific Team.

You are the right fit if you

  • have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • love solving complex problems
  • enjoy working with and inspiring people
  • wish to develop your leadership skills
  • are committed, dedicated and honest
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The Application

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The Interview

Sit for an online interview with our Headquarters Team.

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The Result

In case of acceptance, receive an Offer Letter from OWN Academy.

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Step IV

The Orientation

Kickstart your journey with a catchup with your peers and the HQ Team.

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Passionate, purposeful and gritty- meet our ambassadors

Hailing from different parts of the Asia-Pacific, our ambassadors are students who share our vision of making the world more inclusive. They have forged along with us in deepening and expanding our impact around the globe.

“OWN Academy empowered me to step outside my comfort zone.” Yui K. Yui K. 19, Japan “I have done recruitment, hosted interviews and led teams.” Hasnain J. Hasnain J. 18, Pakistan “My confidence and drive are renewed everyday in this community.” Jam L. Jam L. 19, Philippines “At OWN, my actions have real-world consequences.” Nayonika V. Nayonika V. 17, India


Take us to your school and run projects with seasoned entrepreneurs

Our flagship program ‘Real World Experience’ is a one-week career simulation program for schools which allows students to work on real world projects with the mentorship of seasoned entrepreneurs for one whole week. Each year we take our army of mentors to a select-few schools to curate an unparalleled learning experience. Do you want us to come to your school next?

Introduce us to your school

Write an email to your school head (principal or career consultant) introducing OWN Academy and our school collaborations.

Attend a joint video conference

Set up a video conference between your school heads and the OWN team to discuss the partnership.

Volunteer for the program execution

Act as an extended arm of OWN Team to ensure a smooth delivery of the Real World Experience at your school.


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