OWN Academy strives to create an ecosystem where only the best Learners (Students) and the best Mentors (Teachers) co-exist. Believing that future success is more than just academic excellence, OWN Academy champions the ideology that the most powerful education experiences comes from cultivating an open mind, developing well-rounded individuals, building awareness of the world we live in and understanding that excellence comes in all forms of shapes and sizes. 

There is a superhero in all of us. It is of human nature to want to help each other and make use of our best talents during our time in this world. Even though we are all smart in our OWN way, it is a challenge to understand how you can be smart unless you have been exposed and are aware of such possibilities.OWN Academy is here to help.


If you are a Learner (Student) with the below conditions:

  • You feel like you don’t fit into your everyday school environment

  • You are unmotivated to learn and you don’t know why

  • You feel conflicted and lost, you feel that nobody understands you

  • You have a hard time focusing in school because you don’t understand why you are learning what you are learning

  • Curious to know more, but school is not satisfying the need.


If you are a Parent and notice your child with the below conditions:

  • Demotivated to learn at school

  • Struggling to keep up with academics

  • Too addicted to the computer 

  • Signs of depression or rebellion

  • Skewed priorities


If you are a Mentor (Teacher) with the below conditions:

  • Losing your passion in teaching because of the rigid curriculum system

  • You are especially enthusiastic about teaching a specific topic but cannot due to the pressure from meeting basic curriculum requirements

  • You are burnt out and would like to look for a more flexible teaching schedule and system

  • You have a talent and you would like to transfer the skills / knowledge to a younger audience



If you are someone with any of the above conditions, OWN Academy is the place for you. If you know of anyone with the above descriptions, please kindly share with them OWN Academy.