OWN Academy is an alternative education solution for the 21st Century.
With a focus on life skills, connected learning and career life planning of students, OWN Academy believes that true potentials are unlocked when students begin on a journey to wonder and start identifying their directions in life.

Assisting students to find their vigor, OWN Academy encourages self-discovery and life exploration through two OWN mechanisms: OWN Future and OWN Now. Partnering with only high-quality industry leaders and offline educational providers, OWN Academy offers the most customized and unique learning experiences.



“What do you want to be when you grow up?” With yesterday’s jobs disappearing, today’s jobs rapidly changing and tomorrow’s jobs not here yet, the real question is: “Where do you want to begin?” This is the first step in the journey of your OWN discovery. Identify your OWN talent through exploration.



To reach your full potential, you need to first understand yourself. OWN Now encourages every Student to realize their OWN talent by learning and being exposed to different topics, curated to their interests and passions. What is a better way to develop character and find your OWN direction, than by experiencing?


OWN is about celebrating the superheroes inside each of us. Instilling a culture of diversity, individuality, and curiosity, with the inspiration of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, OWN Academy believes in promoting the discovery of “How” we are smart. Nature and Nurture both play important roles in personal development. But we believe that the most important catalyst to realizing potential originates from the individual, from an independent understanding of the context of our unique talent. Once we understand where our interests and talents lie, drive and passion will follow.



OWN Academy is a community with no age, race or socioeconomic boundaries. If you are looking for an OWN Coach, interested in becoming an OWN Scholar, or you just want to say “Hi”, drop us a line!