OWN Academy aims to bridge the gap between traditional academics and the working world by providing students with the practical skills that are growing in demand by industry professionals. Our bespoke program offerings have been carefully designed with industry experts who have a keen understanding of the emerging skills and characteristics demanded in the professional world. At its core, OWN Academy is all about building relationships with a variety of institutions, including companies, schools, and individuals.

By engaging with OWN Academy, schools will have access to the OWN industry network and can leverage these connections to help their students gain industry knowledge, skill-sets and project based training that will better prepare them for the constantly-changing job market. Each of our programs are designed around a central theme, such as Film and Media or Digital Marketing with the objective of connecting students with mentors in a variety of different industries. Most importantly, we do not view our client engagements as individual projects but more holistically, as building blocks for relationships and partnerships. With OWN Academy, there is always the potential for further collaboration in the future. It is with these missions in mind that we seek out partner institutions that are equally dedicated to delivering new value to the youth of the world.

Schools We Have Worked With


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