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When a Hong Kong men’s clothing brand gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work with one of the world’s most popular sports teams, the nature of the collaboration and the decision on which deal to take pose a crucial challenge. jlkfdsafsdljljlskdf


The Context

As DETERMINANT gears up for an exciting collaboration with professional football club FC Barcelona, OWN’s Learn With host Charlie Stewart looks into why these partnerships are necessary in the first place and what value they bring to the table.


The Problem

Should DETERMINANT go for a brand partnership deal or a licensing deal? Which route will allow them to meet their business objectives while making the most out of the opportunity to work with FC Barcelona? Dive into the challenge when you press play.

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Problem-Solving Resources

Case Study

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Learner's Solution 1

A sample solution by students Tricia, Angela, and Shane

Learner's Solution 2

A sample solution by students Tanya, Aejas, and Teresa

Brand Feedback

Daisy and Stephanie from DETERMINANT share their thoughts on these learners’ proposed solutions.


Brand Solution

Daisy Guo from DETERMINANT talks candidly about the decision they made, the key factors that led to it, and an important yet unexpected event that ended up reframing the company’s perspective and strategy.


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