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Shift from only being employers to educators

In our increasingly complex world, it’s not easy to unlock the full potential of each person. In part, the problem is the result of ineffective or sometimes even nonexistent communications between the private sector and education authorities. There’s a huge gap between the goals of education systems and the needs of business. Unless they heed the insights of the private sector, education and skills development systems will continue to prepare people whose competencies will be outdated or in oversupply by the time they graduate.

The need of the hour is a workforce with highly developed digital skills, complex problem-solving ability, adaptability, and communications know-how. The standard educational systems alone cannot deliver this.

OWN Academy is building an ecosystem for you to come-to-the-fore and train the talent you aim to recruit.

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This partnership is
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OWN Academy expertises in designing transformational learning environments for young talents from different socio-economic backgrounds interested in different industries including science, technology, business, creatives and more. We curate training settings and design curriculums that can spark inspiration and learning across different fields of professional and entrepreneurial work.

We provide an online infrastructure where leading companies can host their own community of young talent interested in learning from them directly.

In our virtual academy, your company can choose to have multiple points of interactions with the youth – inspiring, coaching, training and mentoring them with real world projects, talk series and opportunities.


Boost your social credibility and advance with us in accomplishing your sustainability goals.


Why work with us

As you venture into an impact-driven partnership with us, we would like to share with you what we stand for and what has come to define us over the years. We take the ownership to make the world a better place everyday and that means our programs and partnerships are aimed at.

Quality Education

Providing relevant and quality learning experiences for youth that compliment their personal & professional goal. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Bringing exposure, opportunities and life-transforming experiences to all youth no matter where they come from.

Noteworthy Opportunities

Bridging opportunities to talent so there is abundance of knowledge and resource sharing and abundance of growth for all.


Inspire and coach young, diverse talent.


Build your own virtual academy


Formulate a conscious employer branding


Undertake meaningful employee engagement


Create a talent sourcing & recruitment pipeline

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