Signature Programs focuses on staying ahead of the pack by learning skills of the future, now. OWN internship program is based on the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report and insider industry knowledge and prepares you with the skills that give you a competitive edge in the workplace of tomorrow.

OWN Work Experience Gap Year is aimed to solve grade and degree inflations which are increasingly problematic; academic excellence is no longer indicative of the true competence of applicants. Instead, employers value a strong character growth and a curious mind–a gap year offers such foundation and more.

OWN High School Summer Internship gives our students a taste of real-world working–either by being placed as an intern or join our business case study program to get a head start in your career.

Our last signature program is OWN Business School (Coming soon) which is an innovative school that focuses on practical learning by solving global issues and creating sustainable businesses which will provide students with unique learning opportunities as a citizen of the world.