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In partnership with ON AIR COLLECTIVE, an Omni-Channel Creative Agency with a leading track record of transforming brands, OWN Academy invites you to join our online competition targeting students to ANALYZE, IMAGINE and REFLECT on how COVID-19 has left its mark on our world. 
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Our #realworldchallenge Winners

How should we move on from this

#realworldchallenge that is a global pandemic?

REAL WORLD CHALLENGE by OWN Academy is an online competition series targeting students of ages 12 to 19 that prompts them to analyze, imagine,and reflect on how COVID-19 has left its mark on our world. It is a timely opportunity for students to consider our gains and losses from this trying time, to ruminate upon the concomitant societal concerns, and to envision the route ahead. By encouraging students to express their ideas creatively, OUTBREAK: WHAT’S NEXT? is the name of the first competition that serves as a critical and effective space for discussion, innovation, and exploration.

Key Stages



4 May 2020 – 15 June 2020




16 June 2020 – 19 June 2020



27 June 2020, 3 PM HKT

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Hey changemakers!

COVID-19 is everywhere and is affecting everyone in the very here and now. It has taken away far too many lives and livelihoods and is disrupting our day-to-day in the most unexpected ways possible. How can we move on from this global pandemic – where do we go from here?

Did you know that 91% of the student population has had their education disrupted and that’s 1.5 billion students around the world?

Schools had been in suspension for the past months, international exams were canceled and our learning routine turned upside down. Many cities are still under lockdown and international travel may not return to normal anytime soon. We are approaching the summer months but the reality is that students around the world may continue to be stuck at home. If normal summer experiences are no longer available, how can we keep this summer productive and meaningful?

Every crisis is an opportunity. Welcome to OWN Academy’s Real World Challenge – Education Edition. We want to hear your creative ideas for an alternative learning engagement over the summer. Let’s brainstorm effective and innovative project ideas where students can have fun and learn at the same time.

Give us your best project ideas for the summer that students can participate in and make this summer not only exciting but memorable.


Here are some questions you need to answer with the 200-word submission.

  • What is the topic/theme/subject related to your project idea?
  • What is the goal of this project?
  • What will be created in the end?
  • What would students need to do to achieve the goal?
  • What type of students do you think would be excited about this?


Here are some questions for inspiration and are not required to be answered with the 200-word submission.

  • What is an interesting & innovative project idea that students can do under the CoViD-19 situation this summer?
  • How can we engage like-minded students around the world for a global project?
  • What type of projects can solve impactful problems?
  • What was a project you loved that other students can benefit from?


We want your most quirky, weird yet engaging project idea in 200 words or less, supported by a visual, static, or moving. It can be an inspirational quote, a video, a meme, a GIF, just be creative. The video or picture can either be of original works or of someone else’s work as long as we give credit where credit is due. Regardless, the visuals should support the purpose of your idea.

Judging Criteria


Are your ideas substantial and fully developed? Did you think out of the box? What is your differentiating factor?


Is your idea practical?

Can it be done?



Can you communicate your idea with clarity and consistency? Is your visual submission relevant to your idea?

Selection Process


OUTBREAK: WHAT’S NEXT? is open for submission starting 4 May 2020 until 8 June 2020. You may participate either individually, or in a team of two people. Your submission should include a written format and a video or visual graphic. You may submit more than one idea for the competition. 


The teams of OWN Academy and On Air Collective will shortlist the top 15 entries. These 15 entries will pitch at the virtual event on June 27, judges will select the top 3 submissions as winning project ideas based on our judging criteria. 


  • Top 3 Winners will get cash prizes (will be sent via PayPal):
    • 1st Place: $3,000 HKD / $380 USD
    • 2nd Place: $2,000 HKD / $250 USD
    • 3rd Place: $1,000 HKD / $120 USD
  • Top 5 shortlisters will receive a Mentorship or Internship Opportunity (Can be offline or online)
    • Ages 15 + : Internships with our partner organizations. This is where you can gain self-development opportunities, learn more, and get exposure to exciting industries. (*Paid internships are not guaranteed.)
    • Ages 12 + : Mentorship opportunity through OWN Academy’s extensive network and obtain an experiential learning experience with industry experts.
    • Internships will be selected based on the winner’s best interest
      • [ONLINE] On Air Collective will host internships that are for students who are into Creatives and Public Relations
      • [ONLINE] OWN Academy  will host internships that would help on the execution of ideas and projects based on the submission
      • [OFFLINE] Urban Spring will host an offline internship that supports the student’s interest in sustainability
      • [OFFLINE] Explorium will host a 2-week workplace internship that will allow students to know how it is to be a  Business Consultant


On 27 June 2020, Saturday, each shortlisted participant will pitch their project ideas over a webinar to the panel of judges in 3 minutes for the judges to choose their top 3 favorite project ideas. Afterwards, the winners of OUTBREAK: WHAT’S NEXT? will be announced.


How can I participate?

 A submission button will be available starting 4 May, 2020


Who is eligible to participate?

 The challenge is designed mainly for young people ages 12 – 19. However, we strongly encourage students below and above the age bracket to participate in OUTBREAK: WHAT’S NEXT? and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. We want to hear your voice and witness your creativity work magic.


Do I have to pay to participate?

 No. All submissions do NOT incur any fees. We want everyone to be able to contribute their ideas without being deterred by financial costs.


Do I have to form a team?

 You may choose to either participate alone as an individual or to form a team with one other person. Hence, it’s a minimum of ONE person, and a maximum of TWO per team.


What do you mean by the proposal?

It’s very simple, submit your idea in text (maximum 200 words) and with a visual to accompany it.  


Can I submit multiple proposals?

 Yes, you may submit multiple ideas. 


What can I gain from this online competition?

 You get to tackle a real-world challenge head-on. You will challenge yourself to imagine the many possibilities of our society post-COVID-19. You stand to win a cash prize and an exciting mentorship or an internship opportunity with our partner organizations.


Is it mandatory to attend the virtual event?

We strongly encourage everyone to attend the vitual event since the shortlisting and winners announcement will happen then, but shortlisted candidates must inform us a week prior to the finale if they are unable to attend.


Where can I see the virtual exhibition?

 OWN Academy’s website


Who can I contact if I have further inquiries?

 Contact us via