Real World Learning Week


What is RWL

Since 2016, we have been offering Real-World Learning (RWL) Program in schools to bring industry experience into the classroom (and back out). This is OWN Academy’s career exploration opportunity designed with professionals and corporations, teaching young people about 21st Century career pathways and relevant skills first hand. Coming 2020, we are launching RWL as an inter-school program, where we invite the 3 most progressive schools in Hong Kong to join the same week of programming. Our goal is to create RWL as a week within school calendars synchronized across different schools to make a real impact within students’ career life planning.

How does RWL work

We focus on the disciplines of Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Collaborate with professionals and companies to design RWL. Students learn applicable skills from industry professionals acting as mentors, working on a business brief provided by a client company. Students are given the opportunity to win an internship through demonstrating exceptional abilities by pitching their proposed solution to a client.

Features of RWL

  1. Industry project topic
  2. Understand process flow and department functions
  3. Storytelling of personal and professional journey
  4. Case studies
  5. Basic skills training
  6. Build relationships and networks
  7. Forecasts and trends of the profession
  8. Business of the profession
  9. Lifestyle and culture of the workplace
  10. Unique value proposition

RWL 2020 Industry Experiences

In Hong Kong 
  1. Independent Music Artist with Ed Rollo (Confirmed)
  2. Architecture and Urban Design with Enzyme (Confirmed)
  3. Health and Fitness with Lights Out Hong Kong  (Confirmed)
  4. Arts and Culture with Laura Zhang (Confirmed)
  5. Hospitality with Black Sheep Group (Confirmed)
  6. Fashion Design Entrepreneurship with Mazu Resortwear (Confirmed)
  7. Experiential / Brand Design with Kith & Kin  (Confirmed)
  8. What is Finance with HSBC (Confirmed)
  9. Textile / Interior Design with Coltex Furnishing (Confirmed)
  10. Marine Biology with Hong Kong University (Work In Progress)
  11. Law with Clifford Chance (Work in Progress)
In Shekou 
  1. Technology with Tencent & Royole (Work in Progress)
  2. Water Management with New Ground (Work in Progress)

10 Key Takeaways for Students

  1. To be able to choose an industry of interest
  2. Experience “a day in a life” of the real world
  3. Understand a profession through an authentic project
  4. Get inspired with mentors and companies
  5. Recognize skills needed are different from school
  6. Practice professionalism
  7. An opportunity to showcase talent
  8. Presentation in front of professionals
  9. Teamwork with students of similar interest
  10. Start building a professional network

Partner Schools / Organizations We Have Worked With

  1. Hong Kong International School
  2. American International School
  3. Korea International School
  4. Yew Chung International School
  5. Shatin College
  6. Renaissance College
  7. St. Stephen’s Girls’ College
  8. St. James Settlement