OFFLINE Real World Learning: Learn to be a Filmmaker

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Introduction to mentor and the film-making industry. Explain key roles of a production crew and the steps that come before we start a project (pitching, budget etc).  Explain the objective of the 5 days and split into groups. Each group is given a client to create a pitch for. Explain how to use marketing research and information to create a creative pitch for their client.  Students work on brainstorming their pitch in groups and present them at the end of class.

Session 2: Introduction to the different elements of production, including cinematography, production tasks, capturing sound, etc. Students work on script-writing and story-boarding their concept from the previous class and present their storyboard at the end of class. Students then research locations for shooting themselves.

Session 3: Shoot day. Students can get their hands dirty at a selected location. They also gather materials needed for post-production such as stock footage.

Session 4: Post-production overview, intro to Adobe Premiere Rush, sound design, music. Review materials and review any issues that came up during the production process. Start post-production in organizing footage and editing. 

Session 5: Finalise edit and work together to write down a list of changes needed to take it to the next level. Make final edits. Presentation of the project to the whole class and for professional feedback and general feedback.