Pre-Internship Training By OWN Academy

Course Outline

We will focus on what will allow you to thrive in today’s job market – entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. We will also work on developing important soft skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and attitude.

Session 1: Systems Thinking & Design Thinking

See the big picture in an internship and understand how to think like a value adding intern. 

  • How to add value to the business 
  • Understanding and applying design thinking 
  • Zoom out to gain business perspective 
  • Empathise with customer and stakeholders problems

Session 2: Project Management / Communications

Learn the tools to use that support your work, prioritization and how to communicate effectively in a workplace environment

  • Understanding project management and milestones
  • Familiarise with common project management tools 
  • How to confidently present progress of a project 
  • Effective internal communications

Session 3: Content Marketing / Social Media

Every company has  a digital presence, and there is a craft to master with content marketing. 

  • Understanding the current social media landscape 
  • The importance of delivering the right message, at the right time 
  • Cost per impression and other important metrics
  • Determining success metrics and analysing the data, 

Session 4: Web Design / Data Management

Data has become the gold mine of the digital age. Understand how to use data to make decisions and how does it connect to websites and the customer journey.

  • Web design platforms and principles 
  • Understand the customer journey
  • Useful excel tricks to manipulate your data
  • How to present your data effectively

Session 5: Business Development / Research 

For a business to grow, one must understand how to research and sell. 

  • Develop a mindset for effective sales
  • Conduct an unbiased research project
  • How to create a competitor analysis
  • Presenting like a visionary


Internships are a great opportunity to gain experience, contacts, and in some cases your first job. But what makes an effective intern? How do you get recognized and stand out from the crowd? OWN Academy has worked with and trained hundreds of interns and has condensed this experience into a crash course on how to be a successful intern. Learn key skills that will make you useful, practice how to present to your colleagues, build confidence in your knowledge. Once you complete this course you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.