OWN Gap Year Program

Grade and degree inflations are increasingly problematic; academic excellence is no longer indicative of the true competence of applicants. Instead, employers value a strong character growth and a curious mind–a gap year offers such foundation and more.

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As a result of credential inflation, degrees are being devalued and that piece of paper is becoming more and more, simply a piece of paper. What’s valuable is, however, practical and real-world learning experiences that provide the navigational markers within a workplace setting.

Building from OWN 20XX, we present our OWN Gap Year program–a full year learning experience, grounded in real-world learning to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be a competent member of the workforce of the future.

Our philosophy of real-world learning and exposure is highlighted in this program where students are given the opportunity to explore different roles over the course of a year. Within these roles, participants can pursue their interests and develop their passions, and start developing a network that is be beneficial to their character and professional growth.

The course will run in 2 – 3-month blocks, on rotation, and within various settings to stimulate creativity customized to students’ developmental needs.

Skills developed:

  1. Analytical Thinking
  2. Learning Strategies
  3. Authenticity, Creativity & Initiative
  4. Technology design
  5. Critical thinking & Analysis
  6. Complex problem-solving
  7. Leadership & Social Influence
  8. Emotional Intelligence
  9. Ideation & Reasoning
  10. Systems Analysis & Evaluation

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