OWN Music Production

Gone are the days of piano and violin classes – your child can learn music production in a modern way. Our DJ and Music Making courses will involve exploring hardware and software needed for music production, creation and performance. These classes will take students through the step-by-step process of turning their original and creative ideas into actual music.

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Music has long been seen as an integral part of students’ cognitive development. And while it has its merits, music takes many forms and students need to be able to expose themselves to new options.

Rote learning and learning for a grade is no longer working. It does not help with the creative development of students. That is a waste of time and money. What if we can learn music differently and help students learn in a deeper way? With technological advancement, everyone can be a musician, but you have to be aware of the tools to use. Start with our innovative music classes.

Get your creative juices flowing and produce music and DJ like the pros do–students will be exposed to the world and industry of modern-day music in our OWN Musical Artistry program. They will get the opportunity to cultivate their creativity within a real-world learning context and experientially, are able to transform their ideas into reality with the assistance of essential tools and exposure to ways of thinking.

We expose students to the creative process in a comprehensive manner, from start to finish, in music production and DJing. Students will first build the foundation for becoming a producer and DJ by understanding these roles, along with musical theory and song structure. Then in music production, they will use multiple instruments and learn recording techniques (live) to see their ideas become reality. Finally, they get taught to DJ by first becoming comfortable with the equipment, understand styles, genres, and effects, and learn how to prepare a set to later professionally perform their music to an audience.

This hands-on course can be used as a stepping stone to the modern-day music industry and provides the basis to becoming a producer or DJ in the future.

Skills developed:

Ability to convey ideas into a product

Musical fluency


Software skills (Ableton Live)

Course dates and times are flexible for this program. Get in touch to find out more.
Location: Wan Chai