PAST: OWN Internship Training Bootcamp 2018


OWN Academy’s Internship Training Bootcamp provides students with first-hand experience of the modern professional workspace. With competition for internships growing at a commensurate rate, it is vital for students to possess the appropriate skill-sets required for the diverse variety of internships the world has to offer. A profile of the ideal intern has been formulated through utilization of OWN Academy’s extensive company network, which includes non-profits, start-ups, and existing corporations. Our six-hour module is designed to prepare students with the foundational skills demanded in over forty different industries, ultimately shaping them into a prospective intern that companies would be hard pressed to reject.

Interested? Submit a one minute video explaining why you are the best candidate to be selected for the program on and register any of our training dates.

May 20:
June 3:


Internship Placement Program (for students)

Upon completion of our internship program, students will be capable of confidently applying to internships on their own. However, we recognize that it can be difficult for high school students to discover internship opportunities on their own. For this reason, students can solicit our help for internship placement. If students would like to engage with OWN Academy’s extensive company network, we will provide a maximum of three internship matching opportunities to the students based on their strengths and areas of interest. The goal of this internship matching program is to determine the right company for each individual student. A fee of HKD 5,000 will be charged only upon successful placement. If further support during the internship is preferred, students can join our special Care Package of HKD 2,000 for a hotline number to call in case of need or questions, a bi-weekly check in with the student as well as further coaching as needed to ensure they optimize their internship experience.

Internship Placement Program (for companies)

An increasingly prevalent issue within the corporate world is the lack of knowledge with regards to how to guide and properly maximize the potential of interns. Furthermore, companies expend significant resources and time to find interns. It is because of these constraints that companies often find themselves unable to effectively vet applicants to find the ones that will fit their work environment the best. Recruitment of talented individuals for internships means nothing if they are stuck making photocopies and grabbing coffee. This is where OWN Academy’s Internship Placement Program provides an invaluable service. With programs ranging from internship training to entrepreneurship seminars, OWN Academy is constantly engaged with the youth of the world. Our familiarity with both recruiter and applicant allows us to pair companies with the interns that will thrive the most in their corporate ecosystem.

Internships are essentially a two-way institution that requires effort from both sides; companies need to be willing to teach and guide the interns and the interns must actively engage with the company. OWN Academy’s Internship Placement Program allows companies to provide a wishlist of characteristics and skills that they are seeking in an intern. OWN then carefully selects students who best fit those descriptions. When appropriately placed, these students will undoubtedly become valuable assets to their companies.

It’s never too early to take the first step in reaching your dream job and OWN Academy is here to help.

Welcome to your OWN Internship Training Bootcamp for everything you need to know to be the perfect intern candidate for any company.

The way to success in today’s world is not only about academic excellence, it is also about your personal experience, how you present yourself, and the value you bring. An internship is where it all starts. Internships are important because it is a great way to get a taste of the real world, a learning experience different from school and such experience has the power to alter perspectives, develop character and bring you closer to your goal.

This intensive 6 hours bootcamp is developed through OWN Academy’s research with our extensive company network, from non-profits to start ups and corporates to the most innovative companies. They shared with us their wishlist for an ideal intern, we designed this training program catered to the market needs. Internship competition is fierce and our mission is to turn you into the most qualified intern that companies cannot refuse.

Through simulation of real-world case studies, project-based learning, discussions and practices, students will learn in an interactive environment. By the end of the bootcamp, you will receive an assessment certificate which can be used to apply for internships. More importantly, you will become part of the OWN network to access our mentors, coaches and partner companies.

Each attendee must submit a 1 minute video as part of the application:

Topics Covered: Professional and Networking Etiquette, Digital Etiquette, Personal Branding, Process Flow, Logical Thinking, Research Skills, Digital Marketing Skills, Excel Skills

Language: English

Age: 15 – 22 years old

Capacity: 20

Need to bring: Laptop, Smartphones


  • 10 am – 1pm : AM Session
  • 1pm – 2pm : Networking Lunch
  • 2pm – 5pm: PM Session

Dates of Bootcamps:  TBC (twice a month starting in October)