OWN Inspiration Summer Camp 2018 – Level 2

OWN Inspiration Camp by OWN Academy returns for the 3rd summer! Get outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself and develop your character through new experiences and meeting new people. There is no better time to start than now, and no better place to start than with OWN Academy’s OWN Inspiration Summer Camp.

OWN Academy is an education innovation company that focuses on real-world learning by re-engineering the what, where and how we learn. Unlike traditional summer programs where students learn one topic under one environment, OWN Inspiration Summer Camp is designed to engage students with a different theme, different experience in a different environment every day! With a dynamic learning experience, our goal is to expose them to new ideas, facilitate curiosity and inspire their love for learning.

Innovative learning is at the core of OWN Academy’s mission. In Level 2 of OWN Inspiration Summer Camp, we want to encourage our students to use creativity and innovation to improve the world we live in. The topics we will cover include innovation, creativity and design concepts, urban planning as well as big data and architecture. Of course, there is also our exciting nature adventure experience to give the camp the exciting and energetic closing it deserves.

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Level 2 of OWN Inspiration Summer Camp aims to develop students’ critical and detail oriented mindset through a focus on exposure, compassion, creativity and innovation. Being involved in our greater environment is key to getting creative and achieving effective learning. Throughout this camp, we will travel around Hong Kong to cultivate the idea that we can learn anywhere and everywhere. With a strong focus on real-world learning, an out of classroom experience, integration with technology, we take a hands-on, experiential and research-based approach to learning. There is an element of design in our everyday lives and the camp will explore the concept of design within different contexts and functions. Connected learning is about understanding how seemingly disparate things are increasingly interconnected in today’s globalized world and promotes a better understanding of the implications of such relationships. Throughout camp, we also embed the development of valuable 21st Century soft skills such as teamwork, analytical thinking and self-reflection just to name a few.

This program will give your child maximum exposure to a range of life skills that are not emphasized in the traditional classroom setting but also encourages your child to fully exercise these life skills in different scenarios. More importantly, OWN Inspiration Summer Camp is designed to ensure maximum enjoyment for your child!

Theme 1 | Innovation – Think Outside the Box
“Innovation” is the buzzword of the decade, but what really is innovation? Is it different from “creativity”? How can we get creative, think out of the box and become innovators? Turns out being innovative isn’t just staring at a wall until a great idea comes. There are ways to achieve innovation and create great designs! From recognising patterns, understanding user experience all the way to colour and font choice. Learn the concepts of what makes a design innovative and great. Know the rules to break the rules.
Location: Hong Kong Island

Theme 2 | Urban Design – Big City, Small Details
What makes a city? I am sure you can name many elements that a city consists of – apartments, restaurants, roads, schools, law enforcement, emergency services, car parks, cinemas, just to name a few. However, there is so much more to it! Explore the city with Google Earth Educators to explore and investigate the city down to the smallest detail to find out what makes a city livable, safe and fair. With Google’s accessible technology and young people’s fluency in social media, we can also share this information to a wider audience such as government city planners for real positive impact.
Location: Hong Kong Island

Theme 3 | Big Data – Storytelling through Big Data
Data is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century. As the world continues to collect data, its value grows and being able to make sense of it all is a highly demanded skill. On the surface, data is just a jumbled mess of numbers and information. Upon digging deeper, you will find patterns, trends and even stories. Through learning to make sense of data, we are training students with analytical and critical thinking skills as well as developing a “can do” attitude when facing situations that initially appears challenging.
Location: Hong Kong Island

Theme 4 | Architecture – Get Your Creative Hardhats On
Living in a metropolis like Hong Kong, we are in the middle of so many architectural marvels. Architecture is an extraordinarily extensive topic to facilitate creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. Are we designing a building to accommodate for the growing population or are we revitalizing a heritage building? What type of geography limitations do we need to account for and how is the user experience from looking at the building to being inside it? As wild as our imagination goes, architects must also take into consideration realistic possibilities. Let’s get creative hardhats on – join us and find out how the architecture industry has changed, learn to draw the perfect house by hand and recreate it with on the computer using revolutionary Architecture software – Archicad.
Location: Sheung Wan / Sai Ying Pun

Theme 5 | Nature Adventure – Take the Deep Dive
We end the camp by seeking adventure at one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful corners. This experience will be filled with activities including kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), and coasteering. Coastal surveillance will give us a first-hand encounter of the plastic ocean problem in Hong Kong. This overnight camp is a great opportunity to gain independence as well as life skills through various camp crafts.
Location: Sai Wan, Sai Kung

Fee per Student:

  • [Early Bird Offer before May 31st] $8,200 (Lunch and transport not Included)
  • [Early Bird Pair Sign Up before May 31st] $8,000 (Lunch and transport not Included)
  • [Late Bird Offer before July 1st] $9,200 (Lunch and transport not Included)
  • [Late Bird Pair Sign Up before July 1st] $9,000 (Lunch and transport not Included)
  • [Regular Offer] $9,800 (Lunch and transport not Included)

* $400 lunch money in total will be needed as part of the camp experience


Camp 1 [Aug 6 – 11]

Camp 2 [Aug 13 – 18]

Times: Monday – Thursday: 10am – 4pm. Friday – Saturday. 8am – 6pm with an overnight camping on Friday

Age: 11 – 15 years old (Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis)

Student to Coach Ratio: ~8 to 1

Drop Off and Pick Up Location: TBC (Hong Kong Island)

What’s Needed:

  1. Laptops will be required throughout camp
  2. iPads / iPhones


  1. Lunch money and an octopus card will be needed for the camp as we will journey to various destinations via public transportation
  2. iPhone / iPads / Smartphones are needed throughout camp (iPhones / iPads preferred)
  3. Students are dropped off and picked up from the same location every day. We then travel to different locations for various experiences.
  4. Each camp requires a minimum of 8 students to sign up to be activated, otherwise, your money will be refunded