OWN Business School (Coming September 2019)

An innovative school that focuses on practical learning by solving real business issues and creating sustainable businesses that provide students with unique learning opportunities as a citizen of the world.
OWN Business School will be groundbreaking to the world of education.

Focused on practical and real-world learning, OWN Business School is a one-year program for high school graduates to gain skills identified by the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report necessary to be a competent member of the workforce of the future.

Skills developed:

  1. Analytical Thinking
  2. Learning Strategies
  3. Authenticity, Creativity & Initiative
  4. Technology design
  5. Critical thinking & Analysis
  6. Complex problem-solving
  7. Leadership & Social Influence
  8. Emotional Intelligence
  9. Ideation & Reasoning
  10. Systems Analysis & Evaluation

As a result of credential inflation, degrees are being devalued and that piece of paper is becoming more and more, simply a piece of paper. What’s valuable is, however, practical and real-world learning experiences that provide the navigational markers within a workplace setting.

Our philosophy of real-world learning and exposure is highlighted in this program where students are given the opportunity to explore different roles over the course of a year. Within these roles, participants can pursue their interests and develop their passions, and start developing a network that is beneficial to their character and professional growth.

This is the period where experimentation and exploration are encouraged and learning is scaffolded. Students will gain real-world learning experiences in the world of business by becoming a part of every aspect of it.

Taking a travelling school format and cultivating lifelong learning mindset, we will take learning outside of the confines of a traditional four-walled classroom. OWN Business School will focus on practical learning by identifying clients to work with and global issues to create sustainable businesses that provide students with unique learning opportunities as citizens of the world.

There will be no more “why are we learning this, what is the use of this” because everything we learn will be driven by a purpose, and help build the foundation of each student’s personal and career growth.

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