OWN Multiple Intelligences Exploration (Feb- Apr 2017)


Every child is smart in their own way, but some kinds of smarts just can’t be quantified by exam grades. We have designed a series of modules that are based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory to explore your child’s abilities. From App Development to Forestry to Music Production, we cover a wide spectrum of learning to showcase how different abilities can translate into limitless potential. We have curated a group of passionate professionals as our teachers to ensure our students are learning from the best and gaining first-hand industry knowledge for their own development.

February 18 – Logic Smart – App-Attack (Central)
February 25 – Picture Smart – Robot to Robot (Central)
March 4 – Nature Smart – Plant Your OWN Business (Central —> NT) March 11 – Word Smart – Life of a Blogger (Central )
March 18 – Body Smart – Fight like Jackie Chan ( Central)
March 25 – Music Smart – Spin like a Pro (Wan Chai)
April 1 – People Smart – It's All About The People (Kennedy Town) April 8 – Self Smart – Be Original Be You (Central)

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Every Saturday from February 18th to April 8th, 2017 | 3:30 – 6:30 pm

Feb 18 – Logic Smart – We create and share our own Android Apps using Google and MIT based platform App Inventor 2. Our students will gain an understanding of basic programming methodology, applied linear thinking and problem solving skills. Location: Central

Feb 25 – Picture Smart – Sustainability is a core value in our modern world. Students will gain an awareness of post-consumer effects of manufactured products and learn how product life-cycles can affect our environment. We will learn elements of design flow, electronics and circuitry, and then apply these skills to build a basic robot. Instead of purchasing new materials, we will upcycle parts from old electronic devices. Location: Central

Mar 4 – Nature Smart – Known as the “Fragrant Harbor,” Hong Kong was once a major trading port for Aquilaria Trees. Due to the trees’ limited supply and a surge in demand for use in East Asian arts, the trees have been overharvested and is now a threatened species. Its price has risen exponentially and it can be worth more than its weight in gold. This has drawn illegal loggers into Hong Kong, who attempt to deplete a precious part of our heritage. We will visit the last incense plantation in Hong Kong to learn about the history of the city, investigate the impact of poaching, find out more about agro-forestry as a business, and understand the process of turning raw materials into consumer products.

Mar 11 – Word Smart– Writing an essay for a grade can be daunting and stifling for students. The next generation is turning to blogging as a creative outlet: a way to define their own voice and write more freely. Without the fear of receiving a bad grade, students can develop their unique styles and their own forms of self-expression. Being a successful blogger isn’t just about putting thoughts down, but it requires a variety of skills, ranging from prose development and aesthetic creation to photography. This workshop conducted by an experienced travel blogger will offer an insider’s perspective to a digital career. Location: Central

Mar 18 – Body Smart – Ever wondered what it’s like to be in an action movie? In this workshop we will explore the movement of our body as an art form for the big screen. Jackie Chan’s senior stuntman will be sharing his industry stories with us, and teaching us the techniques to create an action movie scene. Students will create a story line, then on to “Lights, Camera, Action!” to make our very own action movie. Location: Central

Mar 25 – Music Smart – Listening to music can be meditative and expressive, but creating music can bring a different kind of satisfaction. Technology has made producing music easier than ever before, but creating a hit single is much more than putting some beats and tunes together. In this course, we will be visiting an electronic DJ’s studio to learn more about the different aspects of digital music production, such as sound engineering, composition, beat-making and more. Location: Wan Chai

Apr 1 – People Smart – Social Emotional Intelligence is becoming increasingly important because of the interconnected nature of our society. Establishing meaningful relationships is key to navigating the business landscape. In this workshop, we will explore human behaviors and group dynamics through film analysis and role play. Learning to understand what motivates and drives people can help us become better people persons. Location: Sheung Wan

Apr 8 – Self Smart – We may meet many people and have a lot of friends, but ultimately we spend most of our time with ourselves. In this workshop, we break down and familiarize ourselves with different types of personalities and become mindful of our subconscious habits, traits as well as our physical. We will start to appreciate our own identity inside and out, and will learn to critique unhealthy standards and measures of self-worth provided by advertising and media. As we learn to be comfortable in our own skin, we optimize ourselves to function and begin a process of self-actualization. Location: Central

Price packages:
Limited Time Offer before Feb 1: 1 Workshop x 3 hours ($350) = $1,050 / Saturday
Chinese New Year Offer before Feb 1: If sign up in PAIRS for a minimum of 4 workshops each = $960 / Saturday
1 Workshop x 3 hours ($ 450/hr) = $1,350 / Saturday
3 Workshops x 3 hours ($ 400/hr) = $1,200 / Saturday
5 Workshops x 3 hours ($ 360/hr) = $1,080 / Saturday
8 Workshops x 3 hours ($320/hr) = $960 / Saturday

WHEN Every Saturday from February 18th to April 8th
TIME 3:30 – 6:30pm (Duration: 3 hours)
LOCATION Varied (Central, Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, New Territories)
FOR ENQUIRIES Call 2850 4207 or Email info@ownacademy.co

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