Film and Media Week

This 5-day film and media program is presented in a visual art form. Students will be documenting stories using film and photography of the everyday people they may ignore e.g. janitors, cashiers, or reaching out to NGOs that need help with their storytelling. Through this project, students will break the invisible wall and learn about these people as stories, which will generate an awareness and appreciation of others in the community. We will be exploring the end-to-end process of film production and publication. We will use the power of media to share stories of the unsung heroes.

Mentor Network:

  • Joanna Bowers – Director of “The Helper” Documentary
  • Sophia Shek – Producer of “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” directed by Emily Ting starring Hollywood based actors, Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg filmed entirely on location in Hong Kong in 14 Days. Assistant Producer for “Transformers”
  • Nick Daryanani – Producer and Host of “Off the Cuff”
  • Michael Rush – Film Teacher at SCAD
  • Sharon Yeung – Director of “Creativity Is…”
  • Anne Berry – Editor and Producer for the “Digital Darkroom” YouTube channel
  • Ian Wong – Presenter and Editor at “DigitalRev”
  • Natalie Chan – Producer of “Dream On”

Learning Goals

  1. Learn the foundation of visual non-fiction storytelling.
  2. Develop underlying skills necessary for documentary production: producing, research, story development, interviewing, writing, cinematography, sound recording and editing.
  3. Learn the fundamentals of digital video shooting, sound recording and editing.
  4. Study the stylistic range of the documentary genre with a focus on film language, techniques, aesthetics, structure and other elements of cinematic storytelling.


  1. An awareness and appreciation of others in their community. Self-awareness of the value, gifts talents that each student has, that can be used to serve and bless the community around them in a fulfilling and enjoyable way.
  2. An enjoyable week of bonding and connecting with fellow students and staff.
  3. Authentic experience for students to have in the world of documentary film making.
  4. Students will also watch acclaimed documentaries about different social issues to cultivate awareness about the world around them.
  5. A portfolio of work, and experience that can assist students with future job search in the film and media industry. 

Example Projects from Film and Media week with YCIS in 2017:

Group 1 – The Real 1s

Group 2 – The 25 Year Smile

Group 3 – Eye to Eye with Mr. Chapman


Group 4 – Over



Day 1 | Introduction – What is documentary filmmaking: Storytelling, Roles and Responsibilities, Project Scope

Day 2 | Pre-Production – Get to know the characters, Shot List, Location Scouting, Story Development.

Day 3 | Production – Filming, B-Rolls, Behind the Scenes Photography, Copywriting for the Website, Footage sorting

Day 4 | Post Production – Editing, Website Building, Journaling

Day 5 | Post Production / Screening – Film Festival Presentation, Sharing