Design Your OWN Life (Reward)




• Focus on life as a journey, rather than fitting into expectations
• See yourself as the creator of your own life
• Understand the type of work & lifestyles that give you energy
• Create an action plan for your future


We will cover:

Stage 1: Self Assessment: Where am I now?

Stage 2: Define: Clarifying What you want

Stage 3: Obstacles: What’s holding you back?

Stage 4: Brainstorm: Dream Big

Stage 5: Plan: Alternate Futures

Stage 6: Apply: Test in the real world


Life will have so many wild unexpected twists and turns, now is the perfect time to set your direction and vision for your life.


If you’ve found yourself feeling unclear on your future or inspired but struggling to find the next steps to bring it to life – join us on Design Your OWN Life.


  • Get clear on what brings you joy, and how you can have more of it in your life
  • See yourself as the creator of your OWN life
  • make a clear action plan to bring it all to life


By allowing ourselves to zoom out and dream into a future that seems far off we are able to open our minds to our greatest potential and feel optimistic and assured that we have enough time, resources, and opportunities to bring our goals to life.


Most people don’t get what they want in life because they simply don’t know what they want. The moment you sit down with a clear mind and connect to your wildest dreams, they begin to unfold before your very eyes.


In order to experience this, you must be willing to do the work! Sounds easy right, but it does take work. No one is handing you your dream life any time soon. The good news is, if you’re brave enough to get real with your desires & committed enough to take action in the face of fear, you will achieve your goals.


With the right strategies to master your mind, overcome self-doubt, and discipline yourself to keep moving in the direction of your dreams every single day, you can and will have whatever you’re capable of dreaming of.


So, are you ready to design your life?


In this workshop, we will:


  • Take a health check of where you are currently at in your life
  • Identify the things that matter and give you energy
  • identify the fear that stands between you and your wildest dreams
  • Learn design thinking techniques for brainstorming and cultivating a life plan
  • Create a plan to implement a game-changing morning routine to increase focus, and clarify
  • Gain clarity on what it is that you really want for your life in the next 5 years
  • Make a strategic action plan to bring your goals to life off the paper


The Details:


6 stage practical course


  • Immediate download available upon purchase  – videos & workbook
  • Presented by Natalie Chan (founder of OWN Academy)
  • Workbook with all activities we will be covered in the videos