DCI Real World Learning: Biotechnology

Coach Profile

Coach Name: Syed Shakeel Ahmed

Current Title: Co-founder & CTO at Nanopath Technologies Limited (Spidfier)

Industry: Biotechnology

Coach Bio:

Shakeel is a Hong Kong local with a passion for education and discovering new viruses. Having obtained his PhD from The University of Hong Kong in Medical Microbiology and Virology in 2017, Shakeel has since co-founded Nanopath Technologies Limited (Spidfier), which aims to combat fish fraud and promote seafood sustainability through rapid DNA analysis.

Course Breakdown

Program Objective:

– Learn about biological and microbiological technologies and the impact it has made
– Undergo practical work with digitized DNA sequences
– Understand how DNA is used to analyze viruses, fight fish fraud, and more
– Earn a summer internship (For exceptional students only)

You should join this course if you…

– Are interested in biology, genes, and DNA
– Want to learn about how biotechnology can be applied outside of the science lab
– Understand the nature of a biotech startup and how their work can impact your daily life

Skills Level: All Levels

Session 1: Brief history of modern-Session technology and its impact on humans, with a focus on biological and microbiological technologies.
Session 2: Overview of genes, genetics, and DNA, and how scientists analyze them (practical work with digitized DNA sequences)
Session 3: How DNA is used for understanding viruses
Session 4: How a biotech startup relies on genetic information to help combat fish fraud and emerging DNA applications
Session 5: Other types of biotech initiatives and pharmaceuticals, notes for the future of human biotechnology