OWN Boarding School Admissions Counseling

OWN Academy empowers each student to take ownership of their learning through curated exploration, inclusive experiences and self-discovery. Partnering with only high-quality industry leaders, online and offline educational providers, OWN Academy provides comprehensive and holistic services to help our students submit the most outstanding applications.
This service includes
  1. Boarding School Admissions Counseling
  2. Boarding School Admissions Counseling with school visit accompanied by OWN Academy’s Counselor
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OWN Academy’s Boarding School Admission Counseling program is built upon one foundational goal: to assist students in searching for and applying to the school that fits their interests and personalities the best. Students are often pressured into applying to schools based on ranking and prestige. OWN Academy’s admission counseling takes a different, more personalized approach and matches students with schools which we know they have the potential to thrive and excel in. Each person requires a unique learning environment in order to realize their maximum capabilities, and OWN Academy is prepared to help your child discover and apply to the schools which can provide that environment. The key to this program’s success lies in developing a student-centric strategy throughout every step of the admissions process. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Holistic planning for academics, activities and summer programs
  • Guidance and coaching to identify interests and programs
  • Detailed, step-by-step planning for the application process
  • School matching and selection
  • Planning for school visits
  • Assistance with school communications
  • In-depth student assessment
  • Essay writing guidance and review
  • Interview preparation
  • Recommendations management
  • Application review

OWN Academy provides an admissions service that is integrated with the OWN Academy program. We provide comprehensive and holistic services to help our students submit the most outstanding applications.

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