OWN After School Club 2019

We help the development of the leaders of tomorrow. This club focuses on the personal factors of success and prepares our students for the future. We cultivate the necessary mindset and attitude from a strengths-based angle, all in an experiential manner.

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OWN creates future leaders. This club addresses the internal factors that lead to success and allows for preparation of the future. We cultivate the necessary mindsets and attitudes, coming from a strengths-based angle, in an experiential manner. We understand there are many hindrances that must be overcome–perhaps it’s interpersonal conflict, an inability to self-express, lack of clarity, among others–which all stem from a more emotional side of things.

The club will be interactive in nature and presented in a mixed format, with group discussions and curated activities/ projects, lead by a facilitator with training in counselling and therapy to address said matters. Keeping true to OWN’s philosophy of learning anywhere and everywhere and functioning as a travelling school, we will also take learning outside of the classroom as we deem suitable.

Skills developed:

Problem solving
Social emotional intelligence
Critical thinking
Ability to master self-directed learning

Again, these skills will be grounded in project-based and travel-based learning, developed through experience. Various topics, generally unconventional or taboo, will be touched upon also; it is through exploring these topics that students can reach their full potential.


January 11
January 18
February 1
February 15
March 1
March 8
March 15
March 22
March 29
April 5

Time: 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm
Location: Wong Chuk Hang
Fee: $4,000 for 10-sessions package ($400 HKD / session) or pay-as-you-go at ($500 HKD / session)