1-OWN-1 Coaching

OWN Academy’s 1-on-1 program offers students the opportunity to meet professionals in a vast breadth of industries and fields and form unique mentor-mentee relationships. The specific facets of this relationship, such as frequency and duration of meetings, will be custom-tailored to the student and their needs. The age of the students involved is equally flexible and customizable; a middle-schooler can gain as much value from having a mentor as a twenty year-old college student. We here at OWN Academy believe that the presence of a mentor figure is paramount in helping each student discover the path that best fits them and that they are most suitable for.

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A common problem facing teenagers and young adults in contemporary society is the lack of guidance in discovering new passions and cultivating existing talents. This issue is especially prevalent among individuals facing periods of transition and change. For example, students entering the final years of their secondary education often find themselves lost as to what they want to do after graduation. And while societal norms, especially those in Asia, dictate that one must pursue higher education, some people simply do not fit in the college environment, let alone are inclined to spend thousands of dollars on tuition each year. Additionally, there are also those students who have completed university but are lost as to where to go next. Not everyone is financially capable of taking a gap-year to explore the world and unearth hidden passions.

One major reason why students struggle with making these life decisions is because they have not been provided with ample exposure to the vast range of fields available in the professional world. This is where OWN Academy’s 1-OWN-1 coaching program comes in. Through utilization of our extensive network of companies, OWN Academy is able to connect students with leading professionals in a variety of industries. We leverage our existing relationships with startups, non-profits, as well as established corporations, in order to create a platform on which students can gain access to industry information and experiences that would otherwise be difficult to attain. Our network consists of everything from innovative startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and information technology, to easily recognizable multimedia, automotive, and clothing companies. With today’s job market becoming increasingly oversaturated with prospective interns and employees, having an existing connection or pathway of entry has turned into an invaluable advantage.

In line with OWN Academy’s philosophy of bespoke learning, we first meet with every student to identify their interests, strengths, and overall needs. Each student requires an individualized approach to the matter; the sixteen year-old thinking about the looming prospect of university admissions is in a different situation than the recent university graduate considering his career options. Following our preliminary meeting with the individual, we then formulate a list of mentors from relevant industries. From these mentors, the student can decide which ones they believe will be of the most service in providing the guidance they need.