OWN Academy looks to create a community where the highest quality of Mentors and learnings are offered and recommended. To submit your course or the topic of learning for consideration, please email info@ownacademy.co and we will be in touch shortly.

What are the benefits:

  • Increase Revenue – Monetize underutilized activity sessions

  • Risk Free – no upfront cost / subscription fee involved

  • Focus on What You Do Best – stress no more on marketing and let OWN help you reach your audience


OWN Academy works only with high quality partners, regardless of whether you are a learning center, corporation or an individual with a passion to teach, OWN Academy is happy to explore partnerships with you.

As a Vendor, you are expected to deliver the agreed upon service on time, ethically and with the OWN standard of excellence.

Upon any complaints from customers, the claim will be investigated. Any irreconcilable differences or failure to comply with the above requirements, may result in a termination of the partnership.


If you are interested, here is how you can get involved:

  • Be a speaker at OWN Future Fair

    • OWN Future Fair is a student speaker series, where inspiring young individuals in different fields of work will speak about their own experiences and provide practical tips for students.

      These creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals will provide insights about Data Science, Fashion, Technology, Film, Health & Fitness, and other areas.

  • Be a mentor to nurture passionate student

  • Offer internship to young talents

  • Co-create a class with us to share your skills and knowledge

In return:

  • We will find the best intern fit for free

  • Gain exposure for your company through promotions with our events and social media

Tell us how you would like to get involved – Personal and Company Profile

For more questions email us at info@ownacademy.co or call us (+852) 2850 4207