JRWL: Be Your OWN Comedian with Vivek

Junior Summer Real World Learning Series (JRWL):

Be Your OWN Comedian with Vivek Mahbubani

Program Overview

This Summer 2019, OWN Academy has partnered with stand up comedian Vivek Mahbubani to offer a workshop for students ages 9-14 as part of the Summer Junior Real World Learning Series!

Through this workshop, students will explore one of the five core skills in our framework, ‘Communication and Branding’ by engaging in improvisation and stand up comedy.

Communication and Branding: To be adaptive in language, delivery, and context. To understand and express your own purpose, skillset, and angle in different contexts.

Stand up comedy is an art form where the performer tells the audience something funny to make them laugh throughout the show. Telling a joke properly requires a combination of different skills, including:

  • creative thinking (coming up with funny ideas)
  • problem solving (finding the funny side)
  • interpersonal skills (connecting with your listener to make them laugh)
  • and presentation techniques (helping your listener understand your idea)

Schedule Overview

Day 1: Experiencing Comedy

  • Watch a comedy performance by Vivek Mahbubani
  • Workshop: Foundations of comedy
  • Classwork: Writing session + sharing ideas
  • Open mic: participants will get a chance to tell a story


Day 2: Techniques of Comedy

  • Warm up exercises
  • Workshop: Effective communication + advanced techniques
  • Classwork: Present in front of everyone and share comments
  • Improv games + open mic session


Day 3: Being a comedian

  • Open mic: rehearsal for the upcoming graduation show later that day
  • Graduation comedy show

Learning Goals

  • Develop self confidence to adapt to various scenarios and in their ability to effectively communicate their ideas and messages
  • Exercise creative thinking
  • Express themselves in a humorous way
  • Tell funny stories with friends and colleagues
  • Brainstorm with better and more creative ideas
  • Create a positive mindset by learning to see the world in a funny way

Program Details

The program will run for three full days for students ages 9-14.

Program Dates: Monday, Aug 5 – Wednesday, Aug 7

Program Times: 10AM – 4PM

Ages: 10-14

Program Size: Approx. 12 students


Early Application Deadline: $3800 before May 31, 2019

Regular Application Deadline: $4200 before Aug 2, 2019

Personal expenses and lunches are not included.

***PAIR DISCOUNT DEAL: If students sign up in pairs, each student will receive a $100 discount.

Final Presentation

The three-day program will culminate in a ‘graduation’ stand up comedy show where students can exercise their newly developed skills. These skills are easily transferable to other contexts, such as MCing events, leading tour groups, performances such as magic shows or music, and more!

About Vivek Mahbubani

Vivek Mahbubani is a Hong Kong-bred bilingual stand-up comedian performing in both Cantonese and English. Having been crowned the Funniest Person (in Chinese) in Hong Kong in 2007 followed by his victory in the English category at the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition in 2008, Vivek has had the opportunity to take his sense of humor all over Asia including Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Manila, Bangkok, Sri Lanka and India. Having been ranked as the top comedian in Hong Kong, in 2014, the World Famous Laugh Factory in USA ranked Vivek as one of the top 10 comedians in their Annual Funniest Person in the World Competition. In 2015, he was handpicked as one of the comedians to represent Asia’s best in Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s inaugural “Comedy Zone Asia” shows. In 2016, he was featured in Comedy Central’s first ever “Stand up Asia!” shows. One of Vivek’s passions is reading and his favorite book is Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Oddly, his favorite color is hot pink.