OWN Now is OWN Academy’s innovative education initiatives. We challenge conventional learning paradigms and create the most powerful learning environments through re-engineering the what, why, where, who and how we learn. Encouraging students to take actions and gain experiences through our programs catered to different interests and capabilities. We curate and design one-of-a-kind quality learning experiences around Hong Kong. Our goal is to help students expand their horizons, identify their passions and learn new skills that will help them in any future life paths they choose.

OWN ExCCEL Framework

The design and curation of our powerful learning experiences is driven by our ExCCEL framework:

Ex – Exposure

C – Consciousness

C – Creativity

E – Entrepreneurship

L – Learn to Learn

Exposure – Learning about cutting-edge ideas, experiences and possibilities means taking you out of your comfort zone so that you can be continuously challenged. That is why we create and curate new and unique offerings that cannot be found anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Consciousness – Awareness is an important foundation to mastering and enriching your own life. We foster positive behavioral change by incorporating reflection and awareness training in each of our experiences.

Creativity – Thinking outside of the box with limited resources as well as being able to find connection between  seemingly disparate matters are the keys to innovation and vital to a sustainable living for the future.

Entrepreneurship –  Beyond starting a business, entrepreneurship is about being proactive, taking risks and problem solving in ways that create value and impact.

Learn to Learn – With the availability and ease of access to information, accumulating knowledge is no longer the priority. Instead, the ability to seek, adapt and apply relevant information becomes the foundation of a lifelong learner to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy.


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