OWN Future Fair is our flagship event organized for schools to provide an opportunity for students and parents to find out more about the future. Students can understand more about the career and life paths they are interested in and explore the different industries they may be unfamiliar with. Since the first OWN Future Fair we organized in partnership with South China Morning Post and AIA in April 2016, we have engaged more than 2,000 students and parents in Hong Kong.

OWN Future Fair comes in different sizes, depending on the number of participants, we invite up to 30 inspiring young professionals representing different vocations. The industries and profiles range from the creative industries to start-up founders, from award-winning architects to the corporate leaders sharing their everyday lives.

We have built a platform that complements school’s career life planning services to spark students’ curiosity for the future, expose them to different options for their future and inspire them to start honing the relevant skills needed to succeed in life. We help them find and start developing their passion.


OWN Future Fair 2019

OWN Future Fair 2019

OWN Future Fair 2019

OWN Future Fair 2019