Neon Lights

Make Bespoke Neon Lights

 Neon Lights Making Class

Program Description

Designed for students and hobbyists who want to learn the introductory skills of designing, crafting and wiring up a neon sign from scratch.

Learn to make neon works of art & design with Master Gai.


Neon signs have been the heart and soul of Hongkong’s economic boom. 

All the way from 1920s to 1980s, neon became an indelible part of Hong Kong’s streets and skyline. 

While neon signs are not exclusive to Hong Kong, they are integral to the city’s cultural heritage & identity. 

In recent years, development pressures, government regulations, and changing attitudes have transformed many once neon-lit areas of Hong Kong into largely neon-free zones. The difference is striking.

Once a thriving industry, only a small handful of neon sign workshops remain in Hong Kong, maintaining a dying craft that once animated the cityscape.

With this course, we present to you an opportunity to get an immersive introduction to neon. 

  • Learn about the historical significance and legacy of neon for Hongkongers
  • Understand the science involved in making neon lights
  • Make your own designs and get assistance in turning them into reality
  • Develop glass bending skills and build your confidence working with flames

However, be aware that neon sign making is a dangerous process and requires utmost safety measures to be taken. 

While we will ensure precautions are taken to prevent accidents, we will not assume responsibility for any injuries. 

This course is not for the faint-hearted. It is an immersive and hands-on learning process.

Master Gai will ensure you get the hang of this tricky art form and make your own sign by the end of the course. 

The course will take place in an authentic workshop where neon signs have been designed and created for the past 20 years.


Day 1
– Learn the cultural significance and history of Neon
– Design your own Neon sign 

– Get feedback and finalize your design

Day 2
– Learn the foundational technique of Neon Sign making

Day 3
– Understand the science behind light making
– Make your sign

Day 4
– Wire up your Neon Light and take the sign home!

This course is for you if

  • You are interested in visual arts
  • You are interested in chemistry
  • You are a hobbyist and want to develop a state-of-art skill
  • You are fascinated by the neon heritage & culture of Hongkong


Master Gai will facilitate the course in Cantonese while English translation will be available throughout the course.

Logistical Details & Fees

Dates: July 12th to July 15th (Monday to Thursday) 

Class 1 : 10:00am to 1:00pm

Class 2:  2:00pm to 5:00pm 

Group Size per class: Maximum 5 

Location: Day 1 in Quarry Bay and Day 2, 3 & 4 at the workshop in Kwai Chung 

Ages: 12+ 

Program Fee: $7,200 HKD

*The camp requires a minimum of 2 students to sign up in order to run, otherwise, your money will be refunded

Professional Coach

Neon sign maker Wu Chi-kai is one of the last remaining craftsmen of his kind in Hong Kong. He started learning about neon making at the age of 16, and now, at the age of 50, he remains undaunted and keen to bring awareness about neon to the new generation. 

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What the Fees include

The fees of this course include the following materials: 

  • Glass tubes 
  • Transformer 
  • Electric plug
  • Wooden box stand / Acrylic Board for wall hanging