Sales and Marketing

OWN Academy is a Career Life Incubator, with a focus on real-world learning, exposure to the 21st Century industries and training of invaluable skill sets for success. With a strong network of diverse professionals and modern industries, OWN Academy provides exclusive access to mentorship and internship that complement students’ career life planning. True potentials are unlocked when students begin on a journey to wonder and start identifying their directions in life. OWN Academy is committed to helping students begin their journey.

We are hiring a creative, innovative individual who is interested in joining the movement. Specifically looking for a Sales & Marketing Assistant / Executive / Manager (depending on experience) with immediate availability.

Scope of work:

• Digital Marketing

• Partnerships

• Events


• Social Media

• Many other fun things

Skills Requirement:

• English fluency is a must, Cantonese fluency is highly preferred, Mandarin appreciated

• Degree / qualifications are not important

• Passion for education and looking to make a difference in the world

• Willingness to learn and grow with OWN

We are looking for an executive who is eager to develop skills and experience as well as to grow with the company. Excellent career progression opportunity will be provided for those outperformers.

Admissions consulting/ Personal coaching

OWN Academy is now on the starting line to become the world’s innovative education system for individuals, schools, and business since 2017.

As the pioneer in the education industry, we always aim to unlock students’ passion and full potential with the areas of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and help them to succeed in their education journey. To develop in the areas of their extracurricular and academics at the same time, we are now hiring admissions counselor and personal coach who can give great advice for students on a full range of education options and managing students’ portfolios for any boarding school or University admission.

Skills Requirement:

• Person who can provide academic consulting and advice on universities to parents and students.

• Can share OWN Academy’s passion in the field of education to make a difference in the world.

• English fluency is a must, Cantonese fluency is highly preferred, Mandarin appreciated.

• Who truly care about betterment of teenagers.

Preferred someone with experience in education industry but not compulsory.

Educational Designers / Researchers

To accomplish our mission to bridge the education gap through our OWN transformative program, we are now hiring expert who can provide great guidance on international education with the aim to dream future educational and career together.

Beyond, we are looking for educational researchers who can assist OWN educational research projects, and carry out that information to contribute to design educational program, development, and further projects.

OWN Academy is an innovative education company focuses on learning with a purpose, by helping students identify their passions and give them the tools and opportunities to master it. Combining the power of awareness and action, OWN Academy organizes OWN Future Fairs and pilots a travelling school model for students to gain new perspectives on the 21st Century life. Real-world learning is at the core of OWN Academy and we have partnerships with Cartoon Network, SCMP, and many more to provide students with one-of-a-kind opportunities.

In 2018, our goal is to build a global mentorship, internship and apprenticeship network where students from different socio-economic backgrounds can access and learn together.

Be part of the OWN education movement and take on real responsibility working for a rapidly growing start-up in research, business development, program design and development, advertising/marketing, social media, administrative, communications, event management and web design.

OWN Academy is looking for a young intern who is:
• A self-starter who takes dynamic character and have strong interest about the education system.
• Creatively thinking out of the box and warm-hearted about going above and beyond their work.
• Good communication skills