OWN Internship Placement Program allows students to gain exposure to 21st century industries and develop invaluable skill sets for a successful future.

If you are a student looking for an internship placement, simply fill out the form below and one of the OWN team members will contact you shortly.

OWN Internship Placement program utilizes our strong network of industry partners to fulfil our mission of guiding students to find and pursue their passion. An internship under the guidance of an experienced and passionate mentor provides more learning than a textbook will ever give you.


As an intern, you’ll receive valuable skills training and guidance; you will develop and learn skills relevant to your future careers, regardless of whether or not your internship is in the same industry. In addition to professional growth, an internship provides you with personal growth in terms of self-awareness and understanding, interpersonal skills, among others.

This process requires that OWN vets both sides, both mentor and intern/ mentee, and thus assurance is given to the two parties. OWN will ensure the companies and mentors will provide a rich and meaningful learning experience by way of our own selection process and continuous quality checks. Potential interns are assessed based on our industry knowledge of what is sought after from mentors. An internship will not be successful if either party neglects their role.


In Summer 2018, we piloted this program with 10 high school and university students for internships with NGOs, and companies in the Health and Wellness, Digital Marketing, Fashion, Technology, and Media industries. For Summer 2019, our goal is to place 100 students into meaningful internships.

Application to our program will open soon. We will also be launching our work experience gap year program starting in September 2019. If interested in either, please sign up for information here: bit.ly/OWN2018SignUp, and we will be in touch shortly.