Application Process

Submit Application

1. Submit Application


2. Shortlist by OWN Academy


3. Payment upon acceptance into the program


4. Interview

World-wide Internship

5. Choose from 3 Internship Offer



Timeline for Process


Internship period

June – September 2019



  • Ages 16 – 18
  • Ages 19 – 22



Application fee: $100 but fee waived if applying before December 31st, 2018

Successful placement fee: $6,800 HKD. The matching fee will be charged once candidate is shortlisted and commits to the program (partial refund will be provided if the process is not fulfilled).

$6,800 HKD includes:

  1. 3-day intensive skills training/ 8-week Career Bootcamp @ the value of $4,800 HKD, cost waived
  2. 24-hour phone support during the internship
  3. Monthly catch up to ensure progress and learning during internship
  4. Monthly interns meet up

*Full scholarships are available on a case by case basis.

Application to our program will open soon. We will also be launching our work experience gap year program starting in September 2019. If interested in either, please sign up for information here:, and we will be in touch shortly.