In today’s über-connected business environment, creativity has become one of the most coveted assets. Carving your own niche and setting yourself apart from the competition takes levels of innovation that all companies are looking for. However, contrary to popular belief, creativity can be a learned skill. Find out how you can add this skill to your repertoire and be more marketable to employers by attending!

Join us at OWN FUTURE FAIR HKU 2019 to learn from our speakers:

ANDREW LEE (Director of EY)

JAY LEE (Founder of JLMusic)

LOUIS CHAN (Managing Director of Lab Brewer)

NATALIE CHAN (Founder of OWN Academy)


Date: Wednesday, 3 April, 2019
Registration from: 6:30pm
Program run: 6:45pm to 8:45pm
Location: Global Lounge, University of Hong Kong
Cost: HK$ 50

Pizza and drinks included!

••• Speakers •••

Andrew Lee, Director of EY

will divulge details on his non-linear path to his current position at EY!

Jay Lee, Founder of the music label JLMusic

and local musician, will recount his tale of attracting audiences so large that Times Square had to ban performances!

Louis Chan, Managing Director of Lab Brewer

a local craft brewery in Hong Kong, will share his diverse experiences ultimately leading to his current role in the craft beer scene!

Natalie Chan, Founder of OWN Academy

and Global Shaper who attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019 in Davos, will explore her methods to creatively carve a niche in Hong Kong’s education industry!

Location: Global Lounge, University of Hong Kong