Understand how GMOs work with Dr. Hwei Huih Lee

  • 15 February 2023

Enter the World of Biotechnology

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The beauty of studying science is that every answer leads to more questions and opportunities for discovery. As an aspiring biotechnologist, you can make a difference by creating and improving products for agriculture, medicine, industry, environment, and the conservation of biological organisms. Imagine yourself at the forefront of the future of technology and innovation, leading research into a new era of healthcare, improving disease detection methods, preventing and treating diseases, providing answers to food security, and creating alternative energy solutions.

This Office Hour will require you to conduct thorough research and understand the existing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) out there—with the goal to bring a new one into the world to solve a Sustainable Development Goal. 

Book now to get access to the full case study, which you’ll need to solve prior to the online event. 

5 Fast Facts About Dr. Hwei Huih Lee

  1. With over a decade of experience in academia as a lecturer in Malaysia and postdoctoral fellow  in Hong Kong, Dr. Lee brings a plethora of knowledge in biotechnology, genetics, bioinformatics, and next-generation sequencing pipelines. 
  2. She loves science and majored in Industrial Biotechnology, after which she focused on Genetics and Bioinformatics for her BSc, MSc, and PhD respectively. 
  3. Dr. Lee’s university supervisors fueled her passion for teaching. She ventured into academics after her MSc and eventually earned an Excellent Teaching Award throughout her 6 years of teaching in a private university. 
  4. She believes that treating your students as a friend is the key to breaking the barrier. 
  5. She loves the outdoors and photography.

  • Time : 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Asia/Hong_Kong)
  • Registration Deadline : 8 February 2023

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