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 Trade & Cryptocurrency

Program Description

In this school break, learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency in an unambiguous, fun and practical way with an expert team of crypto-heads from Genesis Block Ventures- a leading OTC trading center of digital assets in Hong Kong.


Cryptocurrency or the decentralized management of wealth is here to stay, there is no doubt about that. Now the question is how soon can we understand how this new-age currency works?

If we don’t know the rules or the game, it is very difficult to win it, right?
At OWN Academy, we want to empower young individuals to learn the rules of the Crypto game. 

Primarily, there are two reasons why we created this opportunity:

  1. We believe young people have the intuitive intelligence to grasp complex technological advancements 
  2. We find it imperative for the growth of young individuals to get age-appropriate financial experiences

With this course, we present to you an opportunity to get a comprehensible intro to Crypto. 

  • Learn about the beginnings of Crypto, Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Mint your own NFT and submit it for auction
  • Set up a personal Crypto wallet and purchase bitcoin at an ATM
  • Take a tour of Genesis Block Ventures offices and learn about their departments.

There are huge barriers to entry for young individuals in the world’s money system. This means, our youth are not getting to become financially intelligent at an early stage.
With this course, our aim is to allow young people to walk into the future of money.


Day 1: The genesis of Bitcoin & Crypto 

  • The story of crypto and bitcoin 
  • Simplifying Bitcoin/Blockchain
  • About Bitcoin Mining

Day 2 Setting up a Crypto Wallet

  • Diving into the Crypto Culture / Who’s Who in the Crypto Industry
  • Setting up a personal Bitcoin Wallet
  • Understanding how the trading platforms work
  • Purchasing bitcoin using a bitcoin ATM

Day 3 What’s NFT & Why Are some Worth Millions

  • Understanding NFT 
  • Minting NFT free of cost
  • Trading in NFT risk-free 

Who is the Course for?

As young as someone who can use a computer can understand the mechanism of trading in cryptocurrency. 

This course is designed for anyone from the age of 12 onwards interested in learning about Crypto in a practical and simplified way. 

For this kind, of course, we even encourage parents to sign up and learn along with their children about blockchain and the digital world of currency.


There are going to be 3-5 moderators depending on the class size who will facilitate the learning experience in English only. 

This course is for you if

  • You are interested in gaining financial sharpness
  • You with understand how crypto works
  • You are looking for a practical and memorable learning experience
  • You can use a computer and are interested in digital currency

Logistical Details & Fees

Dates: July 5th, 6th & 7th (Monday to Thursday)
Timing: 05:00pm to 06:30 pm HKT

This course is available both online and offline and will take place simultaneously.

Offline Location: Genesis Block Venture Office, HK
Offline Class Size: 25
Offline Course Fees: $3200 HKD

Online Location: Good old Zoom
Online Class Size: 30
Online Course Fees: $2500 HKD

Additional Costs: $500 to buy Cryptocurrency (optional)

*The camp requires a minimum of 8 students to sign up in order to run, otherwise, your money will be refunded
**Maximum 30 students per class.

Professional Coach

About Genesis Block

A leading OTC trading center of digital assets in Hong Kong, Genesis Block is backed by an experienced team of financial professionals and deep liquidity pools. 

Genesis Block operates OTC platforms in both China and Hong Kong. 

With continuous expansion, Genesis Block has become the largest digital asset ATM Machines operator and runs over 40 commercial-scale crypto farms throughout the Asia Pacific. 

John Keh, the Chief Marketing Officer at Genesis Block is the Lead Coach of this course.

Read more about John Keh at