OWN Coaching

1-OWN-1 Coaching

Everyone is smart in their OWN way–let us help you discover it. Coaching has become a cornerstone of personal and professional development for adults and we believe that it is equally important for students today.

In line with our philosophy, OWN Academy’s 1-OWN-1 coaching focuses on holistic development and career life planning. We work with teens from ages 12 – 18 to help them design and prototype their own lives. The benefits of coaching is a  long term impact, so we design our programs differently per student. 

OWN Academy works with selective students for coaching, an interview with both the parent and student would be needed prior to commitment. If you would like to be coached by our founder, Natalie Chan, she will only commit to coaching 5 students per year.

Email us: info@ownacademy.co /  Call Us (+852) 2850 4207