Did you grow up watching Adventure Time, We Bear Bare, or any of DC Comics’ adventures? What if you had a chance to go behind the scenes and be part of the creative process?

In 2018, we brought 7 talented filmmakers from Hong Kong to Singapore’s Cartoon Network Headquarters to learn from their team. This upcoming 2019-2020 academic year, we will take another cohort of talents to create original content. Students will present their final work to Cartoon Network on the last day for publishing.

This upcoming academic year, OWN Academy is partnering with Cartoon Network and DC Comics again to provide talented filmmaking students an exclusive real-world work experience in media production through a 5 day program in Singapore.

Students will get the opportunity to learn under the mentorship of professional producers, editors, and staff in Cartoon Network offices, and exercise their creativity in actual projects that will then be published in Cartoon Network’s social media. The application process will include a portfolio submission and interview. 

Students in last year’s program showcased their work on Cartoon Network’s social media platforms, including this: Music Video and Mother’s Day Mashup.

*** Fall program contents and mentors may be subject to change.

We will be bringing talented student filmmakers from International School of Beijing to Cartoon Network HQ in Singapore over Easter break in April 2020.


Day 1: Pre-Production
  1. Orientation, intro to the company, understand the brand, meet the team
  2. Cartoon Network/ DC Comic will give brief to students
  3. Brainstorm and pitch concepts to Cartoon Network/DC Comic’s approval
  4. Storyboarding, Scripting
  5. Location scout around Singapore (wherever they would like to film)
Day 2 – Day 3: Production
  1. Shooting and Check in with CN / DC members
Day 4: Post-Production
  1. Edit film with check-ins with CN / DC members
  2. Chat with Media Professional mentors from CN / DC Comics

Day 5: Post-Production / Presentation

  1. Final Review – cut/edit approval
  2. Audio Post – go into audio mix to add SFX and sweeten audio
  3. Master – layback audio and export final copy
  4. Presentation