OWN Academy offers two kinds of programs for students ages 9-13. Career-life programs and Admissions Advisory

Career-Life programs will prepare students for life outside the classroom. Real-world learning is at the core of OWN Academy. We believe in making the world our classroom, learning anywhere and everywhere.

  • OWN Inspiration Camp (Summer 2019)
  • Architecture and Urban Design (October 2018)
  • OWN Afterschool Teen Club
  • Media Production with Cartoon Network in Singapore (April 2019)

Admissions Advisory focuses on finding the right Boarding Schools. Our experts at OWN Academy can smoothen the process to help get students into their ideal schools. OWN academy really focuses on the right “FIT” as opposed to just matching the score requirements and the popularity of schools.

  • Boarding School Admissions Counselling
  • Boarding School Visits
  • Test Preparation

Counselling sessions will be on a 1-on-1 basis. Students will also get personalised mentoring in profile building for specific areas of interests, the extracurricular activities, and the approach to college selection.


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