Our Founder


I lived most of my life thinking I was just not good enough. I was a typical B range student and did everything that was expected of me, but I had a hard time understanding the WHY in what I was learning.

I had been living someone else’s life, not mine.

I founded OWN Academy with a mission to empower young people to own their future. We are here to help you understand that the secret to happiness and fullfillment is when you make a choice for yourself and not for other people. We encourage young people to explore and understand themselves, try new things, and find mentors for inspiration and guidance.

There is an urgency here. We are entering the 4th industrial revolution where technology and data are changing the way we work. After years of research and trial and error, I built my OWN method with the help of hundreds of industry professionals, educators and innovators.


Our solution is simple: we connect young people with inspirational mentors, quality learning experiences in real world situations and professional settings.

It will take time to figure it all out, so make your choice now and start living your OWN life today.

– Natalie Chan, CEO and Founder of OWN Academy