OWN Inspiration Summer 2017 Camp (Age 9 – 13)


Gift your child an experience-to-remember this summer. A Finnish-education style summer camp encompasses three overarching themes of Design Thinking, Connected Learning and Social & Environmental Citizenship.

Dates: Jul 31 – Aug 5 | Aug 7 – 12 | Aug 14 – 19 (6-Day camp with 1 overnight camping)
Age: 9 – 13
Location: We travel to different areas of Hong Kong (Drop Off and Pick Up in Central / Sheung Wan everyday)
Themes: Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Teamwork, Mindfulness, Exploration, Analytical Thinking, Connected Learning, Reflection
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Age: 9 – 13

Dates: Every week from July 31 to August 19 (a 6-Day camp with 1 overnight camping)

Location: We travel to different areas of Hong Kong (Drop Off and Pick Up in Central / Sheung Wan everyday) 

In 2016, OWN Academy organized its first summer camp in association with SCMP’s Education Post and the Finnish Chamber of Education Committee in Hong Kong. Taking inspiration from the Finnish approach, the summer camp allows students to engage with a variety of learning experiences and approaches so that they can learn and grow in the best possible way as an individual. We understand that everyone’s mind works differently! Learning how to learn is a key element of the 21st Century education, but it is often overlooked in today’s traditional schooling approach.

OWN Inspiration Summer Camp focuses on three overarching themes: Design Thinking, Connected Learning and Social & Environmental Citizenship. There is an element of design in our everyday lives and the camp will explore the concept of design within different contexts and functions. Connected learning is about understanding how seemingly disparate things are increasingly interconnected in today’s globalized world and promotes a better understanding of the implications of such relationships. Finally, Social and Environmental Citizenship explores  how we are intimately connected to the environment and our fellow citizens in order to better understand the impact that our choices create. Throughout camp, we also embed the development of 21st Century skills such as Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Teamwork, Mindfulness, Exploration, Analytical Thinking and Reflection among others .

The environment in which we learn is crucial in developing ‘deep learning’. To promote lifelong learning, we need to cultivate the idea that we can learn anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, OWN Inspiration Summer Camp focuses on designing the most powerful learning environments by making Hong Kong’s physical characteristics the backdrop of our classroom. Having professionals who are passionate about their respective fields of expertise as our coaches and mentors allow us to learn from the best people with real world experiences.

This program gives your child maximum exposure to a range of life skills that are not emphasized in the traditional classroom setting, but also encourages your child to fully exercise these life skills in different scenarios. More importantly, OWN Inspiration Summer Camp is designed to ensure maximum enjoyment for your child!

Theme 1:  Mindfulness & Sustainability – Me and My Environment

What you do makes a difference and you need to decide what difference you want to make. This  sensory exploration teaches us to open up our  senses and activate them to enable mindfulness. Being aware of yourself and your environment will be the beginning of a self discovery journey of who you are, what values you stand for, who you want to be and finally how to apply design thinking to develop yourself and your relationship with the environment.

Location: Central / Sai Ying Pun | Time: 9am – 3pm

Theme 2: Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Reality

Understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and what is required to operate a successful business. We go behind the scenes to find out how a business operates from ideation to store front as well as how products are made from design to production. Understanding the different departments and people within a company, operational processes and how to apply design thinking all contributes to a socially and environmentally sustainable business.

Location: Hong Kong Island & Kowloon | Time: 9am – 3pm

Theme 3: Design, Create & Appreciate – Make Your OWN Pinewood Derby Race Car

Living in a city where most products are imported, we rarely experience the process of design, iteration and the satisfaction of holding your creation in hand. For example, wood is one of the most common materials we see in  our everyday lives but we tend to only  interact with it in its  final form. We explore carpentry as one of the more tangible ways to experience design making. The final product will be a pinewood racing car made using our own design and basic tools and to finish it off we will host a Derby Grand Prix!

Location: Chai Wan | Time: 9am – 3pm

Theme 4 – Storytelling as a Film Maker

In today’s digital world we play the role of content consumers as well as content producers. With all the information we receive, we often simply remember a good story. Technology has democratized the power to share stories with the world.  Therefore, now, more than ever, anyone has the opportunity  to stand out, spread a message, and make a change through storytelling. The same  goes for students applying to schools or fresh graduates applying to jobs. The skill of good storytelling will separate you from the crowd, making it a timeless skill. We will discover storytelling skills through visuals and create our own unique film.

Location: Central | Time: 9am – 3pm

Theme 5: Nature – Creativity and Adventure

We end the camp by seeking adventure at one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful corners. This experience will be filled with activities including kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), snorkeling and even coasteering. Coastal surveillance will give us a first hand encounter of the plastic ocean problem in Hong Kong.  This overnight camp is a great opportunity to gain independence as well as life skills through various camp crafts.

Location: Sai Kung | Time: 9am – 3pm (overnight)

Fee per Student:

    • [Early Bird Offer before June 15th] $7,200 (Lunch and transport not Included)
    • [Pair Sign Up before June 15th] $6,900 (Lunch and transport not Included)
    • [Regular Offer] $7,800 ((Lunch and transport not Included)

Cost: 7,800 HKD – not inclusive of meal and transport 

Sign Up Link: bit.ly/OWN2017SignUp