Mission to Mars (Ages 9 – 13)

In an colonization initiative for mars, kids from age 9-13 would envision future life on Mars when mankind finally colonized the planet

This colonization effort on Mars is an opportunity for students to explore their creative interests in various industries in the society, and envision potential growth in the respective fields so to think about their future careers.

The first ever commercial spacecraft has just been recently formalized, spurring the society’s top intelligence to push forth a societal restructuring proposal on the colonization of Mars. As the society’s next generation, students are enrolled in MARS:101, a study that offers a competitive edge to future thinkers and innovators on the extraterrestrial planet. They will become contributors of new blueprints for fashion, education system, accommodation, healthcare etc., and incorporating the prevalent presence of artificial intelligence into the decision making process.

In this 21st century world where everyone can be anyone, students should be introduced to various industries and develop their own career interests early on. Not only does Mission to Mars finesse decision-making skills, it also acts as a pathway for students to broaden their horizons on existing industries or new industries on the rise. Students take inspirations from our current world to apply in the context of mars colonization, spurring their own take on possible growth and evolvement in different industries. Artificial intelligence would also play a big role in creating a holistic and realistic projection of the future, with arranged field trips such as visits to a robotics company and a science and technology park to obtain the knowledge and inspiration for planet planning.

Sign up here:  bit.ly/OWN2017SignUp

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